Minecraft roleplay





Minecraft server created as role play server. It uses premium plugins, free plugins and our custom scripts.
Server have pre-created jobs, locations, economy, guns, resourcepack, custom food, houses and apartmens, rob system and mutch more.

Server contains:
– Custom jobs (postman, police officer, trucker)
– Weapons (M4, M1911, knife)
– Custom resourcepack
– Cars, Bikes, Planes, Ships
– Map [optional]
– Food (fries, juice, burgers, pizza)
– House rent system
– Land rent and building system
– GUI panel for admins

Server is fully compatible with version 1.12. We support older versions below to 1.8. We did not support newer version higher than 1.14.

The server and its scripts are protected by copyright. Any reproduction, modification or sale will be considered a violation of the Copyright Act. In this case, the injured party has a legal claim.